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TRX Evergreen Colorado

TRX or Tactical Resistance Exercise is a specialized form of fitness or training that utilizes specific equipment. There are many benefits and it has been growing in popularity for several decades.  It is an excellent option for all fitness levels....even beginners.  No or low impact on joints and YOU control the level of bodyweight resistance by adjusting where you stand under the TRX rig.  Our Inspired Fitness Studio in Evergreen Colorado is a TRX certified facility with 5 TRX certified instructors to ensure that we can provide our members with the best in fitness safety. We have all the necessary equipment and tools to help our students reach the next level of their fitness journey. Whether you are new to the TRX or just looking for something different to switch up your workout, we have you covered! 

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Why Try TRX? Benefits of TRX

There are many benefits of TRX, for starters TRX is resistance training which utilizes suspended straps for your workout instead of weights. This helps you work on different sets of muscles and allows you to work as hard as you want to. With TRX straps, you can workout without the nuisance of weights which may discourage you if you aren’t improving as quickly as you would like. But with resistance, you don’t have to worry about going up in weight or worrying about self-image. Your bodyweight is enough to build strong muscles and improve flexibility!


Its FUN! TRX is not traditional and most people who come into our gym haven’t tried it before. It is a fun way to get into fitness without the weights which can be intimidating to people. In our gym, we do group classes where the whole class is on the TRX straps! We play music, sweat, and enjoy a good time in our Evergreen Colorado community. 


It is a total body workout, instead of having to switch to different machines or weights as per a “usual” workout, you can instead partake in a TRX workout to get a full-body exercise all in one. Not to mention it helps with your core muscles a lot! With all that balance and resistance you get your core muscles engaged which helps you become stronger from your power center, unlike many workout regimes. 


It is perfect for anyone from pro athletes to seniors! Since you can simply adjust your body position while using TRX you can easily add or decrease resistance perfect for your body. This makes it perfect for anyone of any strength to participate in our group TRX classes!


Try out a TRX class right here in Evergreen, CO to get your heart pumping, muscles activated and additionally  meet other fitness enthusiasts to create lasting bonds! We are proud to be a TRX certified establishment, and will continue to provide our TRX classes to our members and drop-in visitors!

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