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Halloween Class Oct. 2015


Halloween Class Oct. 2015


Halloween Class Oct. 2015


Halloween class Oct. 2015

Tour of the Moon Ride 2015

Tour of the Moon with Taige Will, Wood and Barb Hancock. Sept. 2015

Torrey's Peak Climb Sept. 2015

Top of Torrey's!

Becky and Brian Reeca

Skooter at the top of Torrey's!

Team Inspired Fitness at after climbing Manitou Incline Sept. 2015

Labor Day climb of Mount Cameron 2015


Rebecca, Lisa and Kim

Labor Day Climb of Mount Lincoln 2015

Venus De Miles August 2015

Venus De Miles 63 Mile Ride August 2015

Fun after Venus De Miles

Fun at the Venus!

Venus De Miles

Our fun team!

Team Inspired Fitness! Warrior Dash Team 2015

Warrior Dash college participants this year!

Red Rocks!

Come workout with us on Sundays! Meet at 8:00 am top deck. Text 720-320-4770 so we can look for you!

Team Bolder Boulder

Our team for the 2015 Bolder Boulder 10K. More fun than you can imagine! (front) John Kirschner, Myra Purkey, Jodi Kirkpatrick, Rebecca Kirschner, Alice DeBloois, (back) Julie Targowski, Cathy Dowdle, Sue Donlan, Rose Ann Harris, Katie Linkner

Reward after Bolder Boulder!

Rebecca Kirschner, Sue Donaly, Rose Ann Harris, Katie Linkner


Another great way to enjoy our Colorado winters and stay in shape!

Beaverbrook Watershed

We snowshoed three hours and had an amazing day! Sunshine and snow are a great combination.

Full moon snowshoe hike

Snowshoeing by the light of the moon! You've got to experience it!

Dirty Girl Mud Run BEFORE the race

9 Inspired Fitness students ready to run the obstacle course race on September 21 2014. Go team Inspired Fitness! L-R Marty Connors, Lisa Kissler, Barb Block, Kim Brozovich, Rebecca Kirschner, Lisa Fox, Kerry Friedman, Stacy McFadden, Jeannette Salis

Dirty Girl Race AFTER

Team Inspired Fitness at the end we were in desperate need of a shower! What fun we had for a good cause too!

We climbed Mount Sherman 2014!

At 14,038 feet, 17 Inspired Fitness students, family and friends made it to the top of the mountain despite 80 mph winds and tricky footing. Awesome achievement to all 23 who made to the attempt to be at one of the highest points in the U.S!

Manitou Incline July 2014

Variety is the spice of life! Our courageous group that climbed the intense Manitou Incline. 1 Mile, 4000 ft. incline straight up, and lots of hard breathing!!

We Made It To The Top!

Manitou Incline completers: Mary Pat Maroney, Devin Maroney, John Kirschner, Christian Helsing, Jack Kirschner, Rebecca Kirschner, Allegra Infelise, Lisa Kissler, Mason Kirschner, Erica Kissler, Steve Kissler and his two daughters

Red Rocks on Sunday Morning!

Join us each Sunday at 8:00 (until the snow starts to fall) at the top deck of the amphitheater. You'll get a GREAT workout without spending you're entire morning there! Suitable for ALL Rebecca at 720-320-4770 to let us know to watch out for ya!

Having Fun is very important!

Male drag helpers on the Venus De Miles!

Venus De Miles 54 Mile Bike Ride

August 2014. Taige Will, Dee Delapp, Adriana DiMeo, Betsty Bucker, Rebecca Kirschner, Kim Brozovich

December 2013 - Hardworking students, spouses and friends at the Janet's Hut Ski and Snowshoe trip. 10th Mountain Trail Division.

February 2014, full moon snowshoe hike Echo Lake CO.

Grafitti Run April 2014. We had a super enthusiastic group run in this fun adventure!

August 2013 - Team Inspired Fitness finishing the muddy Warrior Dash at Copper!

Inspired Fitness at the top of Mount Bierstadt - July 2013.

May 2013 - Team DIVA DASH!

Students as well as family members climbed to top of Mt. Democrat, Sept. 2013

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